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Lose weight through cold: Why not like this?

Summer children hate winter and would love to emigrate to the south during the cold season. The only good news for winter defiers is that the sub-zero temperatures automatically help us lose weight.


According to a study by Maastricht University, cold melts fat cells, so trendy weight-loss methods such as cryotherapy, in which cold is used specifically to combat excess fat and cellulite, have become established. The body uses more energy when it is cold – a room temperature of 16 to 18 degrees Celsius, for example, boosts fat burning immensely.

Lose weight automatically
White fat cells store fat, brown ones burn it. If the environment is cold, muscle tone increases, and the brown fat cells thus use more energy. Losing weight through cold in winter thus works automatically. If you also do sports outdoors or take a cold shower at home, you can also accelerate the effect. Just don’t get too cold!

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