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Perfect Diet: This Is What Your Lunch Box Should Look Like.

Planning is half the battle. This principle is definitely true when it comes to shedding a few kilos. Because if you think about what you’re going to eat in advance, you’re much less likely to make unhealthy choices.


To make sure the diet really works, prepare a lunch box with your lunch the day before. Here we have the perfect ingredients for your lunch box that will make losing weight much easier and also faster.

Fibre and protein
Instead of reaching for a sandwich or high-carb meal, go for fibre and protein. Quinoa with vegetables or chicken, salad with roasted salmon and avocado or vegetable soups are ideal. This way you have a warm meal and, thanks to fibre, a long-lasting feeling of satiety.

400 to 500 calories
Lunch can average up to 500 calories. However, you should make sure that you exercise and move around after work. After all, the more physical activity, the faster the calories are burned off.

Fruit instead of sweets
All those who prefer to reach for something sweet after meals should rather reach for fruit instead of chocolate, biscuits, and other sugary nibbles. It is generally healthier and has a very positive effect on your diet.

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